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Risks are inherent in asset-intensive, high-hazard facilities, and the risk data set is vast with process, quality, security and occupational-related risks spread across the organization. It’s difficult to standardize and assess all the sources of risk to support resource-intensive facilities, complex products and vulnerable assets.

By focusing solely on compliance, organizations miss valuable opportunities to improve safety and productivity performance. A combination of small failures can be buried deep into business silos and arise unexpectedly. This can lead to safety failures, spending inefficiencies and compliance deficiencies.

Shareholders, clients and regulators demand stronger controls. Your organization needs to establish a unified, holistic way of proactively identifying and assessing risk, maintaining controls and sharing risk-related information

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Unlock your risk intelligence. Our robust Risk Assessment framework, configurable methodologies and risk assessment workflows will help your organization standardize and record risk assessment data and ensure proper controls are in place.


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Risk Management Services

Explore Our Advanced Risk Management Solutions
With a proven history exceptional consulting services, our powerful solution will identify risks and improve Operational Risk systems and keep the Operational Technology safe from Cyberthreats.


Identify system conditions and minimize the Risk Explosure by conducting PHA and HAZOP studies, “What If” methodologies, and Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA). Our team-based approach to consulting has combined expertise in process safety, operations, reliability, and sustainability to be the most effective and economical solution for your organization.

Occupational Risk

Manage your occupational risk through conducting Job Safety Analysis or Job Hazard Analysis or simply creating standard work instructions. We can work with your team to develop a detailed instruction that better suit your organization’s specific needs while ensuring all occupational risk requirements are met.

Operational Technology Cybersecurity

Prevent attacks by finding vulnerabilities, creating actions, tracking results and altering key stakeholders.

Artificial Intelligence Process Optimization

Tracking the behavior of a process allows us to predict its behavior and optimize its performance. However, the performance of a process may depend on a large number of variables. Therefore, sophisticated methods and tools are needed to untangle all these factors effectively.

Make Smarter decision by deploying Artificial Intelligence on your Processes.

Cybersecurity Architecture Design and Implementation

A crucial aspect before design and implementation of appropriate cybersecurity architecture is a thorough analysis of current architecture and weak points identification.

Uncover your weak points with our expert solution.

Corrossion Predictions

Our corrosion prediction solutions support forecast of material degradation, quantifiable corrosion prediction and Optimization and automation of maintenance. The solution is based on extensive IoT sensors data and models.

OT Cyber Asset Management

Rectify your asset management process to implement the cybersecurity mechanism for OT system properly. The key to success is to administer the cybersecurity architecture based on standards.

Security Risk Management (SRM S-HAZOP)

Apply the HAZOP threat analysis using technical control domain and identify the known vulnerabilities in OT system devices and applications.

OT Systems Hardening

Harden the systems during the process of implementing cybsesecurity architecture. The abscense of hardening, the OT monitoring system and SIEM system may be ineffective.

OT Systems segmentation

Know your OT environment (network infrastructure, devices and their connections especially in geographically dispersed environment) to protech critical OT assets from threats while connecting with IT and external networks.

OT Systems monitoring

Design and implementation of a cutting-edge solution for in-depth visibility in OT systems with industrial protocols real-time analysis in nonintrusive manner.


Design and implementation of Security Information and Event Management system tailored to OT/ICS cyberthreats and environment technical capabilities.

Endpoint protection tailored to OT systems and new cyberthreats.

Implement modern Endpointpoint protection on hosts of industrial systems appropriate to new cyberthreats for OT. Enable Security team with a central management tool for malware detection and response.

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