Emissions Management Software
Access the most comprehensive collection of emission factor libraries.
Key Features

Enhance and Simplify Your Corporate Sustainability Management and Reporting

Emission factors form the backbone of any sustainability report but their application can be quite complex. Different data sources with varying methods and update cycles. Diverging reporting and emission factor requirements based on stakeholders and various sustainability standards. Our suite of emissions management software (carbon management software, air emissions management software & environmental reporting software) decipher these variables into digestible, compliant data.

Our emissions management software in tandem with our Corporate Sustainability Impact Libraries (former SoFi Libraries) enhance accounting for Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) based on standard emission factor sources, like Defra, IEAEPA, IPCC and GHG Protocol. In our GaBi library, we provide more than 1500 emission factors that have been calculated in-house, based on more than 25 years of LCA modelling experience. Apart from GHG accounting, our impact library section is flexible to report on any other impact category, such as NOx, Sox, Particulate Matter (PM), Volatile organic compounds (VOC), Acidification Potential (AP) and the like, as required for example in the GRI disclosure 305-7.