Occupational Risk Software
Identify and manage potential task-related occupational risks.
Key Features

Risks are inherent in asset-intensive, high-hazard facilities, and the risk data set is vast, with occupational-related risk spread across the organization.

It’s difficult to standardize and assess all the sources of risk to support resource-intensive facilities. By focusing solely on compliance, organizations miss valuable opportunities to improve safety performance. A combination of small failures can be buried deep into business silos and arise unexpectedly. This can lead to safety failures, spending inefficiencies, and compliance deficiencies.

Shareholders, employees, and regulators demand stronger controls. Your organization needs to establish a unified, holistic way of proactively identifying and assessing risk, maintaining controls, and sharing risk-related information.

Sphera’s robust, centralized Occupational Risk Assessment software, configurable methodologies, and risk assessment workflows will help your organization standardize and record risk assessment data and ensure proper controls are in place. Identify and manage potential task-related occupational risks with the help of our Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)/Job Safety Analysis (JSA) tool.

  • Identify and assess risk in a uniform fashion across your organization
  • Ensure control measures are in place
  • Connect and understand interdependencies
  • Report on performance

Our Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), also referred to as Job Safety Analysis (JSA), is a risk assessment software used to review the occupational hazards associated with tasks/procedures expected to be performed in a facility or on-site. With JHA, you can identify potential accidents and prevent them from occurring in the first place.