OT Systems segmentation​


  • Understand OT environment (network infrastructure, devices and their connections especially in geographically dispersed environment)​
  • Understand data flow within OT environment and with corporate (IT) network​
  • Protect critical OT assets from threats from IT and external networks ​
  • Redesign the network in separate areas (security zones) to control data flow and minimize security attacks​

OT Systems Segmentation​

OT Assets Identification

  • OT Assets identification step should consist of automatic and manual discovery of assets and data associated with them.​
  • Asset identification output: assets data including protocols used, type of device, vendor, IP address, MAC address, operating system, open ports, etc.​

Data Analysis

  • Data analysis should include categorization, classification and correlation of assets.​
  • Dividing assets into zones, layers and segments. Identifying and designing required connection channels between IT and OT​

Target Architecture Development

Based on the analyzed data, ​ a target architecture project of segmented network is developed as well as step by step method of transforming from current to target state.


  • Network Segmentation concept defined in the Target Architecture development step should be implemented into the physical system.​
  • After the implementation, maintenance of the proper network segmentation is required by periodic reviews and pentests.​


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