Reliability Expert Center is a leading independent Saudi company specializing in reliability engineering services. We offer solutions that can help your organizational team at every level. We offer the best reliability software tools and methodologies to ensure reliability and maintainability with our leading partner reliasoftlogo securing equipment, processes, utilities, facilities, controls, safety and security systems.


As a globally integrated business – REC understands the demands investors, stakeholders and customers ask for with increased scrutiny and transparency when it comes to best business practices.

REC enables companies in our GCC region to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and strengthen business brands with an integrated sustainable approach.thinkstep


At REC our single focus is helping industry improve reliability through best practice. That’s why we offer a highly detailed plan of attack to achieve lubrication excellence with the finest lubrication solutions and training programs worldwide.noria-logo-blue_w-tag1


REC delivers accurate, high-quality inspection services from A-Z.

We can guide you from individual component studies through to turnkey plant-wide projects, specifically tailored to your industry needs.
REC also conducts state of the art trainings and workshops on RBI, RCA, Corrosion, Inspection, Welding, and Coating. antea_logo



REC offers world-class customizable consultation that enables your organizational team to: accomplish specific reliability goals; build business value from sustainability; collaboratively develop proactive lubrication and oil analysis program; and develop an effective inspection plan from individual studies, to turnkey plant-wide projects specifically tailored to your needs.


REC offers a comprehensive curriculum of results-oriented  training seminars to facilitate and enhance your learning experience through extensive hands-on examples and real-world case studies, empowering you with both the knowledge and the capability to put it into practice.

Our training courses are consistently ranked as the best available in the subject area and praised for outstanding quality.


The certification program REC offers, has been designed to distinguish professionals who have successfully demonstrated expertise in the fields of : Reliability,  Lubrication, and  Inspection.

We can work with your team to develop a detailed schedule of recommended courses to better suit your organization’s specific needs while verifying that all requirements for certification are met


When you contact REC to discuss your particular project requirements we will match your needs against the skills and expertise of our experienced consultants to successfully carry out your specific project objectives. Our team-based approach to consulting has combined expertise in almost all areas of reliability, sustainability, lubrication, and inspection to be the most effective and economical solution for your organization.



REC and our global partner reliasoftlogo offer resources and solutions that can help your engineers optimize the availability of process equipment.

You get the best software tools and expert consultants to ensure reliability and maintainability of equipment, processes, utilities, facilities, controls, and safety and security systems. If it is professional training or development you are interested in we have numerous options to choose from.


Business sustainability is no longer optional. Let REC help you to embed sustainability reporting, risk management, transparency and resource efficiency into the core operations and value chain of your business.

If you need expertise or software solutions; our global partner thinkstep can help centralize workflows and information in a fully transparent system to achieve greater efficiency and reduce risks as well as costs.


A comprehensive assessment is the first critical step for any organization starting a Lubrication reliability program or looking to benchmark their current efforts.

With our global partner noria-logo-blue_w-tag1 , REC can help you excel in your operational efficiency with world-class training, certification and leading industry news publications.


REC develops the most effective plan for each inspection scenario. Together with compelling methodology and world class software training and support from our partner antea_logo, we can develop maintenance or replacement solutions, that offers guidance on managing your assets in the most competent manner.

Let us guide you from individual component studies through to turnkey plant-wide projects, specifically tailored to your needs


“We value our Clients



Alexis F. Titco Training Specialist
Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi CEO/President
Ali A. Al-Beed General Manager
Mohamed Irfan Ali Engineering Manager
Abdullah Al-Ghamdi General Services Supervisor
Sawsan Al-Ghamdi HR/Finance Manager
Enrico V. Gentogaya Jr. Training Supervisor
Maryam Alamiri Marketing/Excutive Secretary
Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi RCA / Reliability
David Thompson RCM/RCA/RBI/RAM/Weibull
Hongan Lin Weibull / RAM
Ali Al-Khuraimi Management / Sr. Reliability
Miklos Szidarovszky RBI / Risk Analysis
Mohammed Irfan Project Management
Majed Al-Hajri Management / Safety
Muthukumar Udaiappan RCM / Reliability
Adamantios Mettas Sr. Reliability
Ali A. Al-Beed Corrosion and Material / Failure Analysis

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Leading companies like Sabi, Aramco and Ma'aden have already started reliabilty..
More media content coming soon!~ We will bring news features. Stay tuned!~
More media content coming soon!~ We will bring news features. Stay tuned!~
More media content coming soon!~ We will bring news features. Stay tuned!~
More media content coming soon!~ We will bring news features. Stay tuned!~
More media content coming soon!~ We will bring news features. Stay tuned!~
"Weibull++ is excellent software for reliability calculations. Must have for everyone's reliability department. Highly powerful and pretty fast in doing calculations; covers most of reliability concepts. All in all - no. 1 software. "V. Y. - SanDisk Corporation
"BlockSim is very comprehensive and easy to use."

A. S. - Viasat Inc

"ReliaSoft's Weibull++ is a very powerful software! Extremely user friendly."

J. B. - GE Energy

"Very good seminar. The seminar will be useful to help us cut down on tests that I have a suspicion we now ran longer than needed."


"All sessions of MSMT were excellent. You have very well-prepared instructors. Thank you all for all 3 sessions. All things learned add value from a personal stand point as well as for the company I work for."

G. C. - Invensys Controls

"Very informative seminar. I have gained exposure to a number of real world reliability problems that confront reliability engineers. The seminar presented the vast world of reliability engineering and totally changed my view of the subject." J. G. - University of Philippines



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