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Advanced Risk Assessment Software & Services
Consistently identify, assess and control the impact of Operational Risk.

Stay on Top of Operational Risk Realities

In a high-hazard organization, you live with risk every day. It’s tough to create a consistent process to assess risk, especially in facilities filled with vulnerable assets and complex products. And if your risk assessment and control process focuses solely on compliance, you may not identify your small unexpected failures until they grow into big issues.

Take Control and Monitor Risk

With Sphera’s Advanced Risk Assessment Software you can put control measures into place and continually monitor their effectiveness. This constant and reliable enterprise-wide process transforms your risk assessment from reactive to proactive.
You’ll be able to pinpoint risk, assess its potential, share your insights and maintain oversight.

Effectively Conduct Risk Assessments

Pre-built, out-of-the-box and configurable templates provide your team with the tools it needs to uncover hidden risks and security gaps in a consistent, standard format.

Centralize Risk Knowledge

Centralized access to process, quality, security and occupational knowledge libraries and lessons learned enables teams to collaborate and determine traceability, ensure compliance and control reliability.

Comply With Regulations and Industry Standards

A unified approach to risk and quality management activities with an audit trail ensures better compliance with governing regulations and risk legislation.

Report on Performance

Advanced visualization tools provide enterprisewide access to a joined-up view of the risk profile, consistent metrics to monitor the effectiveness of controls and common reporting on performance.

Root Cause Analysis

Analyze root causes, and implement corrective actions to prevent major accidents, quality issues, and equipment failures.

Explore Our Advanced Risk Assessment Software Solutions

With a proven history of over 30 years, these powerful modules will identify risks and improve operational risk systems.

Process Safety Management Software

Identify system conditions through Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) software supported by Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) and “what if” methodologies, Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and Bowtie tools.

Security & Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) Software

Prevent attacks by finding vulnerabilities, creating actions, tracking results and alerting key stakeholders.

Quality Risk Management Software

Keep product quality high and avoid recalls through Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) along with design and process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) software.

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA-Pro) & HAZOP Software

Minimize risk exposure with the industry-leading PHA and HAZOP software & services.

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA-Pro) Software

Prevent quality, risk and reliability failures with the help of the industry-leading FMEA software and services

Occupational Risk Software

Manage occupational risks through the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)/Job Safety Analysis (JSA) tool.

Training Courses

Find training for life data analysis, accelerated life testing, and reliability growth with guided usage of Weibull++ software.

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