OT Systems Monitoring


Design and implementation of a cutting-edge solution for in-depth visibility in OT systems and real-time analysis of industrial protocols in a safe manner. The solution built from scratch to fill the gap of OT/ICS cybersecurity and industrial environment constraints.​

OT Systems Monitoring Implementation Steps​

Key Challenges​

  • Diversified industrial environment, various asset types and vendors, use of numerous industrial protocols (also proprietary protocols).​
  • Numerous solutions available on the market. ​
  • Lack or insufficient experience with such solutions in industrial networks.​


  • Solution architecture tailored to Client’ OT environment based on available market systems. ​
  • Safe solution for industry based on passive network traffic analysis. Possibility of active polling on demand from individual assets for further detailed data (e.g. use of native PLCs protocols, SNMP, etc.) .​
  • Deep packet inspection (DPI) of industrial protocols without impact on production systems. DPI even to process value and registers level.​
  • Real-time anomalies detection in industrial environment (behaviour- based with AI engine and signature-based).
  • 0-day attacks detection.​
  • Rich data of OT components vulnerabilities with CVE and scores. Threat modelling.​
  • Integration with SIEM. ​
  • Integration with Firewalls.​
  • Solution architecture suitable to network architecture compliant to ISA/IEC 62443, NIST 800-82.​

Value for the Client

  • Significant increase of OT systems cybersecurity without overhead of industrial environment.​
  • Extensive input for OT asset inventory.
  • Support for change management process.
  • Input for vulnerabilities and risk management process.
  • Central management suitable not only for security team but also for automation engineers.


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