Antea Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
Key Features

Improve Your Reliability

Antea RBI software performs qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative risk-based analyses to evaluate the probability and severity of failures in your plant. This risk-based inspection system allows you to plan accordingly with the help of interactive matrices to provide a safe, healthy work environment.

  • Compare RBI Matrices
  • Immediately Identify Critical Items
  • Detailed Inspection Plans Provided
  • Prevent Future Incidents
  • API 581 Compliant

By optimizing your inspection strategy to focus on high-risk areas, you can drastically improve safety and potentially reduce costs.

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Risk Based Inspection Methodology

Risk-based inspection (RBI) technology uses qualitative and quantitative methodology when applied to safety-critical equipment in the onshore refinery, petrochemical and gas processing industries. API 580 presents guidelines for developing RBI programs, while API 581 provides methods to use when establishing a risk-based inspection program. Antea RBI software modules proudly use both API 580 and API 581 guidelines, offering the ultimate protection.