Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Software
Flexible LCA software built on the world’s most robust and reliable LCA Database.

Work with the World’s Leading Life Cycle Assessment Software

Sphera’s Life Cycle Assessment Software (GaBi Software) is the leading product sustainability solution with over 10,000 users including Fortune 500 companies, leading industry associations and innovative subject-matter experts.

Every day, over 2,500 businesses rely on our LCA software and renowned data to model their product’s life cycle and environmental impact.

Reduce Your Product’s Environmental Footprint, Carbon Emissions, Water Consumption and Waste

Visibility Across the Entire Value Chain

Our Life Cycle Assessment software (GaBi Software) can assess your complete value chain to identify the materials and processes with the highest impacts, identify hot spots in your energy and resource consumption and calculate your carbon and water footprint.

Ecological Advantages and Economical Benefits

Life Cycle Costing helps you understand cost triggers and cost factors throughout your product’s life cycle to deliver more sustainable products and reduce operational costs.

Powerful Environmental Product Reporting

Communicate and collaborate on environmental performance to stakeholders and internal partners with customizable report templates that deliver environmental insights across the value chain.

Sustainability You Can Demonstrate

Use product sustainability labels and claims in product marketing and provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to meet regulatory and customer demands.

The Perfect Fit for Your Product Sustainability Needs

  • Assess everything from a matchstick to an airport.
  • Identify environmental hot spots and compare alternative designs.
  • Save money and time with automated LCA calculations and circularity add-ons.

Circularity Toolkit

Calculate the Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) of your product directly in our LCA software with our modeling and reporting tools. Complement the software with a one-day Circular Economy workshop with a Sphera expert where we will share trends, the Ellen-MacArthur methodology and hands-on training.

Training Courses

Find training for life data analysis, accelerated life testing, and reliability growth with guided usage of Weibull++ software.

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