Endpoints protection tailored to OT systems and new cyberthreats


  • Design and implementation of modern Endpoint protection on hosts of industrial systems appropriate to new cyberthreats for OT. ​
  • Provide Security team with a central management tool for malware detection and response.

Implementation Steps​

Key Challenges​

  • Use of different vendors turn-key solutions (e.g. SCADA systems). ​
  • Diversified industrial environment of servers and workstations (e.g. various criticality, function, technology, computing power, etc.).​
  • Network segmentation with numerous constraints.​

Architecture Design

  • Usually industrial systems servers or workstations lack of up-to-date Endpoint protection, virus signatures are not validated before installing on hosts or Endpoint protection policies are the same for most or all assets (usually too loose or too rigorous with significant overhead as a result). Modern Endpoint protection architecture has to address these issues in an effective and nonintrusive way to improve hosts security and availability. ​
  • The solution should have sufficient security level of itself and feed SIEM solution (if exist). ​

Policies Development

  • One of the fundamentals of successful Endpoints protection in OT is to develop different policies appropriate to various groups of OT assets. Crucial aspect is to choose a proper mode (e.g. logging only / blocking) and proper solution modules in policies. ​
  • Today’s Endpoint protection solutions can use mix of modules to provide an appropriate security level, not only a traditional signature-based antivirus. Examples are: ​
    • application and device control, ​
    • advanced machine learning, ​
    • emulator, behaviour monitoring, ​
    • memory exploit mitigation, ​
    • reputation analysis, ​
    • intrusion prevention, firewall, etc.

Value for the Client

  • Improvement of server and workstations cybersecurity and ultimately their availability ​
  • Possibility of application and external devices restrictions in one solution.​


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