Discover the benefits of monitoring and understanding assets to improve equipment, plant, and fleet performance.
Make better, faster, and more efficiently with data driven decisions with our Solutions
Expert Insights. Smarter Decisions!
Superior Insights Improve Availability, Safety and Compliance for Rail
Forecast Asset Condition and enhance Asset Availability by implementing Asset Prognostics Solution.


Advanced Reliability Software and Solutions backed with Artificial Intelligince and Machine Learning for predicting asset failures and optimizing plant performance

We offer the best reliability software tools and methodologies to ensure reliability and maintainability with our leading partner ReliaSoft – A HBK Company.

With REC, you get a comprehensive range of services dedicated to meeting the reliability engineering and quality needs of product manufacturers and process maintenance organizations.

Our approach is facility-wide, recognizing the interactive nature of all departments. REC’s team draws on its expertise of reliability, maintenance, operations; including process and discrete manufacturing operations, and plant management.

We add value to our client’s reliability program value chain through consultancy, software, training and development solutions.

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