Asset Library and Document Management
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Inspection Software

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Our Asset Integrity software suite manages wide-range of plant items in a coordinated manner, providing an integrated and quick navigable vision of the the assets. It is of Web-based applications that enables a complete and coordinated Asset Integrity Management of upstream, downstream, chemical, power plants and many more.
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Migrate + Integrate​

Integrates directly with all major EAM platforms and allows for easy migration from other AIM/IDMS platforms.
  1. Data Migration
  2. Data Integration
  3. Data Support

Core Platform

Extensible with comprehensive IDMS apps and asset-specific RBI software data for automated API 581 compliance.
  1. Risk Based Inspections
  2. Digital Twin
  3. Asset-based Data/Doc Directory

Full Service + Support

Our support services are our greatest differentiator. Our dedicated process engineers are available and can be on-site as needed.
  1. Data Reconciliation
  2. Available On-site
  3. Dedicated Support

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Your plant has Millions of Data Points, Thousands of Assets, Hundreds of Decisions, and One Solution - The Most Feature-Rich, Asset-Intelligent, RBI-Driven Asset Integrity Management Solution Available

Antea Core

Asset Library and Document Management

Antea CORE is the most complete technical database on the market, providing you with the tools to manage your asset library like never before – but it is only the beginning.

Antea Integrity Modules

Discover the Power of Antea

Antea’s asset integrity software solutions are developed completely by our team, ensuring a high level of flexibility and customization. Like any great technology company, we are continuously evolving and expanding our offerings to become the most comprehensive solution available.

Antea Mobile Apps

Integrity at your Fingertips

The Antea mobile app series allows you to access all Antea modules conveniently through your phone or tablet. Visualize the hierarchical structure of items, attachments, statuses, 2D schematics and the item’s location on the point cloud.

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