Water Management Software
Manage wastewater data within your permitted limits.

Transform Wastewater Emissions Data Into Actionable Insights

Water quality is under increased scrutiny as both a sustainability metric and a regulatory compliance issue. Managing large amounts of data associated with wastewater discharge permits can be costly and time-consuming. Our Environmental Accounting software for wastewater can help organizations to manage the large amounts of sampling data associated with wastewater discharge permits required by today’s regulatory programs.

Top Benefits of Using Our Water Management Software for Wastewater

Increase Transparency

Drill down into any calculated value and see a visual model of the formula. This will allow you to correct erroneous operations data and see the impact on calculation results.

Turn Data Into Insights

Qualitative and quantitative data is available on your dashboard to help you troubleshoot calculations, make decisions to reduce non-compliance, mitigate risk and predict performance.

Quick Calculations

Calculations that once took hours are now done in seconds. Work with accurate, centralized data, near-real-time calculations, and standardized emissions data. These feed into your corporate reporting tool to create a single, traceable corporate system for recording emissions and operations data.

Collect Data Your Way

Select from multiple data collection methods to ensure that you get high-quality data inputs! Enter parameter value data via forms, automated batch processing, or import data manually via drag and drop – all with the same consistent data validation rules.

How Water Quality Management Software Can Benefit Your Organization

  • Increase transparency in your wastewater emissions calculations
  • Transform your data into insights
  • Compare results to permitted limits, including checking for exceedence
  • Generate Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs)
  • Achieve, maintain and easily demonstrate compliance with government water pollutant discharge regulations

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