Security & Vulnerability Assessment Software
Fortify your chemical facilities and infrastructure with our software for security and vulnerability analysis.

Quickly Uncover Vulnerabilities, Create Actions, and Alert Key Stakeholders

Hazardous industries are contending with new forms of operational risk that compromise the security of their facilities and critical infrastructure.
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Sphera’s Security Risk Assessment Software Offers

Regulatory Compliance Support

Put corporate-wide security policies and programs in place. Sphera’s solution offers pre-formatted, industry-standard templates for:

  • API/NPRA SVA for Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries
  • RAMCAP – Risk analysis and management for critical asset production

    Data Management and Transparency

    Connect your studies, increase consistency, and improve efficiency by replicating data in appropriate areas. Access visual representation of data by linking risk assessments and process maps.

    Facility Risk

    All facilities face risks associated with threats because of accidents or intentional acts to cause harm; including, domestic and international terrorism, special interest groups, activists and disgruntled employees. Regardless of nature, facility owners have a responsibility to limit or manage risks from these threats.

    By developing and implementing security risk assessment and management methodologies that adhere to regulations, facility owners can calculate their vulnerability to a threat and determine needed countermeasures and required upgrades.

    Cybersecurity Risk

    Traditional plant control systems as well as new digital transformation initiatives require organizations to integrate and connect more of their businesses, potentially exposing the organization to cybersecurity risk. Indeed, while they offer the potential for improved safeguards, efficiencies and return, distributed control systems (DSC), Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), sensors, autonomous controls, cloud computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence can heighten cyber risk. Even breaching a single, connected operational technology (OT) device or system will put everything on the network at risk.

    Companies must couple process control system and technology investments with an assessment of the potential security vulnerabilities for improved visibility. By understanding where the process is susceptible to risk, organizations can prioritize security initiatives and reduce their digital risk profile.

    Improve Your Security Risk Assessment Process

    Sphera’s robust, centralized Security & Vulnerability Analysis (SVA) software available on SpheraCloud or on-premise, offers configurable risk assessment templates, and workflows will help your organization standardize and record security risk assessment data and ensure proper controls are in place to manage system vulnerabilities.

    • Adapt a variety of proven safety and reliability methodologies
    • Improve the responsiveness and efficiency of security processes
    • Access references and recommendations library
    • Improve visibility into process operations with reporting, auditing, and analytic tools

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