Corporate Sustainability Software – Rely on the world’s leading sorporate sustainability software.
Product Sustainability Software and Data – Industry leading solutions to reach your sustainability targets

Sustainability Software

Succeed Sustainability with innovation, software and data

REC is driven to enable organization to succeed sustainability by providing exception corporate sustainability software and product stewardship software to drive operational excellence, product innovation, brand value, and regulatory compliance.
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Discover how our innovative software, proprietary information, and expert-driven insights produce powerful results.


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Innovative Solutions to Improve Sustainability and Productivity

EGS and Sustainability

Our integrated Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) solution aims to help companies achieve their sustainability goals. The scalable platform and personalized configuration pave the way for compliance, reporting and performance improvement. It brings together disparate data from systems, sensors, and human-derived activities to provide a normalized, real-time view of ESG performance.

Sphera Cloud

Connect more information and insights across your enterprise with Sphera’s innovative, integrated risk management platform. SpheraCloud gets the right information to the right people at the right time, but also offers an Integrated Risk Management approach that breaks down information silos.

Corporate Sustainability

Simplified Management of Ambitious Goals
Our innovative Corporate Sustainability Software (former SoFi Software) that enables professional reporting and advanced performance management. Featuring: automated data collection, powerful reporting tools, advanced planning and the most comprehensive source of sustainability data available globally, our sustainability management software makes reporting and performance management precise, efficient and easy.
Sustainability Reportign and Compliance – Automated data capture, fully transparent metrics, and audit trials make it easier to profile risks and improve efficiency.
Performance Management and Improvements – Identify the gaps between target and actual performance, so you can focus on bettring the most strategic areas
Emission management software – Access the most comprehensive collection of emission factor libraries

Product Stewardship

Understand, Optimize and Communicate Your Product Sustainability
Our product sustainability software combines the world’s leading Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) modeling and reporting software with reliable and consistent environmental data. With more than 20 sector-specific databases, our analytics enable organizations to understand environmental impacts throughout each product life cycle and make fact-based decisions
Life Cycle Assessment Software – Our Virtual Interface lets you rapidly analyse product sustainability, identify improvements opportunities, and access the impact of design alternatives
With the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the quality of the underlying life cycle inventory (LCI), including data about material, processes, energy and transport, is crucial to producing valuable and reliable results.
Sustainable Packaging Calculator – Use of intuitive tool to select your most sustainable options based on high-quality environmental data
Software for Sustainability Product Design – To reach your product sustainability goals, it is critical to consider sustainability from the very start
Manage Ever-Changing Product Compliance Regulations Around the Globe. As you expand into new markets and launch new products, global compliance requirements and the challenges that come with them are more complex than ever.

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