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SpheraCloud - A New Approach

For generations, companies found it near-impossible to generate a holistic view of their risk profiles. Today, they have SpheraCloud, an innovative ESG performance and integrated risk software platform.

SpheraCloud is a key part of Sphera’s approach to addressing safety and sustainability issues before they even occur. It allows users to not only get the right information to the right people at the right time, but also empowers them to make better business decisions with its predictive and prescriptive capabilities.


The cloud system infrastructure services (IaaS) segment will grow by almost 27 percent in 2021 compared to 2020.
Source: Gartner

A Simple Solution for a Complex Problem

Many companies struggle to connect disparate data throughout their organizations and their value chains, and to communicate that risk efficiently and effectively. It’s hard to complete such an enormous task—without SpheraCloud.

Maximize Efficiency

Streamline IT support and costs to maximize efficiency as your new normal.

Improve Processes

Standardize and centralize data for easy access and real-time decision-making.

Push Innovation

Transcend regulatory compliance and stakeholder expectations so your business can push innovation to the next level.

Integrated ESG & Risk Profile

Aggregate and normalize real-time data from across the enterprise for enhanced risk visibility.

Proactive Insights

Streamline data processing for decision support on any device in any environment at any time.

Universal Actions

Manage activity and model outcomes with a single view of every next step for heightened accountability.

Explore the Solutions Available on SpheraCloud

SpheraCloud is a SaaS-based and mobile platform built on proven best practices that connects risks across the organization. Featuring a responsive, configurable and intuitive cloud-based user interface, the SpheraCloud platform is designed to help businesses improve decision-making and performance with an integrated view of their risk portfolio—from single site deployments to global rollouts.

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