Go beyond compliance to optimize performance with our Environmental Compliance Software solution
Ensure process safety and assess risk with complete visibility and control.
Manage accountability and ensure industry, regional and corporate compliance with our regulatory compliance software.
Consistently identify, assess and control the impact of Operational Risk

EHS Software

Start your transformation journey with our innovative software solution

EHS professionals can simplify compliance obligations and optimize performance across the enterprise with Sphera’s responsive, configurable and intuitive cloud-based EHS software platform built on deep domain and industry expertise
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Discover how our innovative software, proprietary information, and expert-driven insights produce powerful results.


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Innovative Solutions to Improve Environmental, Health, Safety, Productivity, and OT Cybersecurity

Environmental Accounting Software

Evolve from Compliance to Performance
Our Environmental Accounting software helps companies do both. They let you establish an auditable record for air, water and waste management while reducing your compliance burden with confidence. And they deliver the advanced insights that can help you benchmark and optimize asset performance

Health & Safety Management Software

Ensure Employee and Process Safety With the Right Tools
Our Health & Safety Management Software enables organizations to implement enterprisewide, fully integrated solutions that reduce the likelihood of disasters and operational losses. Our advanced Safety Audit Software tools build workflows to capture, track, investigate, report and analyze health and safety information. Contact our team and understand how Sphera’s health and safety solution will reduce control operational risks, improve performance and guide corrective action implementations.

Operational Compliance

Take a Proactive Approach to Mitigating Your Risks
Our Operational Compliance solutions are specifically tailored to help Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability managers avoid financial, operational and personal impacts. From the plant floor to the executive suite, you’ll decrease the time needed for compliance and ensure that you meet regulatory actions across all facilities and jurisdictions.

Advance Risk Assessment Software & Services

Take Control and Monitor Risk

With Sphera’s Advanced Risk Assessment Software you can put control measures into place and continually monitor their effectiveness. This constant and reliable enterprise-wide process transforms your risk assessment from reactive to proactive.

You’ll be able to pinpoint risk, assess its potential, share your insights and maintain oversight.

Control of Work Software

An Industry First: Real-Time, Integrated Visualization of Work Activities and Risk
Through our Control of Work software solution, you have a single unified view of all your asset conditions in real time. This closes the loop between separate management systems and delivers meaningful, actionable insights across the organization. The result is a welcome ability to monitor simultaneously occurring factors throughout your facilities and make sound operational judgments

Master Data Management Software & Services

Reduce Risk and Keep Assets Safe
Using our Master Data Management software, you can globally structure, visualize and manage your data throughout its lifecycle. With a clean, consistent, de-duplicated view, managers can find information quickly to accurately assess materials, vendors, products and spending. And they can employ analytics to improve procurement, inventory, supply chain relationships and more.

Chemical Management Software

Efficiently Control Safety and Compliance
Our comprehensive Chemical Management system enables you to centralize and manage the chemicals you have on site and help you comply with global regulations. Whether it’s for chemicals, electronics, batteries or packaging, you can harness our expert knowledge of the world’s complex and ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Government Services

More Efficiently Monitor Hazardous Materials Inventory from Cradle to Grave
Our solutions for government services provide Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability professionals the information and insights that optimize inventory and waste management, mitigate risks and improve bottom-line cost savings across the entire lifecycle of hazardous materials.

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