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According to industry analyst, Gartner, maintenance engineers spend, on average, 30% of their time searching for spare parts information. This wasted time likely extends far beyond engineering and applies to other operational groups within asset-intensive businesses – supply chain, procurement, and inventory – to name a few. Wasted time is only part of the MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations) and procurement battle. Barriers to accessing information also lead to financial waste from an unclear view of inventories and excess procurement.

When technicians can’t easily find the information they require, the inefficiency manifests into operational risk and high procurement costs as a result of:

  • Ordering the wrong part or service
  • Ordering parts already in stock or available at a nearby facility
  • Delays in the return to service of critical equipment and systems
  • Ordering from non-compliant suppliers when they are available from a preferred supplier on better terms
  • Unnecessary expediting costs