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Companies need to understand the environmental impacts of their businesses and to respond to the increasing market pressure driven by investors, consumers, the media, regulators and other stakeholders. However, the range of methods and applications available and the lack of unified regulations prevent businesses from meeting all these challenges on their own.

Our Sustainability Consulting services, combined with premium software tools and industry-specific databases, support companies globally and in all sectors by helping them address their unique environmental performance needs. That means reducing risks and optimizing their environmental footprints along the entire value chain (the emissions and waste throughout the life cycle).

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Sutainability Strategy Guidance

Our strategy guidelines help you to embed sustainability in your company’s DNA. Our unique and flexible advisory approaches guides companies through their entire sustainability journey by starting where they and helping them to develop a comprehensive strategy that supports company’s business objectives.

ESG Strategy Development

What is your strategy for driving value through ESG? Let our consulting experts help you develop a vision for future ESG success. A holistic approach, this service helps managers set goals and clarify the steps to generating long-term value.

Scope - 3 Focused decarbonization Roadmap towards Net Zero

Gain control over your scope 3 emission and progresss on your decarbonization journey.

Materality Assessment

Which aspects of your situation relevantly influence your sustainability performance? Scope out the potential for sustainability initittives in your organization by prioritizing the topics and impacts most relevant to you and your stakeholders.

Sustainabiity Benchmarking

Assess your performance across a number of key topics against competitors achievements and wider industry best practices. This service helps you contextualize your activities within the marketplace, showing you how sustainability works within a competitive landscape.

Science Based Targets Consulting

The Science Based Targets initiatives (SBTi) has established a set of criteria for organization to take the lead in steering society towards a brighter future. We support you in settings your Science-Based Target in alignment with the required emission reduction and your specific situation.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Define which sustainability Development Goals are important to your company and how you can include them in your sustainability strategy.

Sustainability Performance Improvement

As the nuts and bolts of sustainability, our performance improvement access your current situation and identify opportunities to advance your sustainability performance. Using industry specific data and leading software tool we help you improve the performance of your product and operations.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) & Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

See the bigger picture through holistic analysis and improve your understanding of the environment impact of your products.

Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)

Whether ot is carbon, water, or land, we can help you calculate the size of your company’s footprint and report it as required.

Circular Economy Consulting

Circular Economy aims to keep product and material in use for longer, improving the productivity of such resources. We can help you decouple your company’s growth from the consumption of finite resources ha may exist in your products.

Value Chain (Scope 3) Carbon Accounting

We offer data, software and consulting to help you in analyzing and managing your carbon emission across the entire value chain (Scope 3). When you know your carbon footprint, you know hoe relevant your own and scope 3 emission are. So you can take steps to improve where you need to the most.

Supply Chain Management Consulting

We enable your to develop a strategy for assessing and managing the environmental and social impacts in your supply chain.

Portfolio Sustainability Assessment (PSA)

Do you know the poteitial fo your product portfolio to accelerate sales, reduce risk and capture market opportunities? Assessing the entirety to your portfolio allow you to determine which products have the most potential and which priducts need to change.

System Integration Consulting

Put the processes in place for adding value through sustainability.

Environmental Management System (EMS) Consulting

We help you implement and maintain an EMS according to EMAS/ISO 14001.

Sustainability Communication and Reporting

Our sustainability communication and reporting service enables you to report on your companys sustainability activities using widely accepted standards for your industry. We help you to qualify your sustainability impacts so you can report your current status and future transformation to the outside world.

Environment Product Declaration (EPDs)

Documented proof of your product’s environmental strengths. This service accesses and communicated the sustainability performance of your products for internal or external stakeholders.

Environment Footprint (EF) Consulting

Detect risks specific to your industry by using EF as a measuring tool for environmental, compliance and other hotspots and make better strategic decisions based on standardized and robust methodology.

CDP Reporting

Support and advice for facilitating the preparation of CDP submission.

GRI Reporting

Helping you create reports in line with GRI standards.

Carbon Management & Reporting

Get your GHG emission under control. We help you understand and improve your Carbon Management and Reporting

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