Dynamic Risk Pathways
The industry’s first real-time Process Safety Digital Twin solution​.
Key Features

Operationalize Your Bowtie Risk Software

Complex systems constantly change and migrate toward states of higher risk on a daily basis. But these changes can be gradual and hidden. Impairments, startups, shutdowns, permitted and non-permitted maintenance activities, MoCs and more contribute to dynamic risk changes.

PHAs, HAZOPs, Bowtie risk assessments capture hazard-related information and identify needed controls and safeguarding barriers based on analysis at static intervals of time that could be months or years long. It would be time-consuming, expensive and difficult to manually capture changing situations on an ongoing basis.​

Yet for the safety and resilience of operations, organizations must clearly understand equipment, process, and operational conditions that could contribute to an incident, accident or near-miss at any moment in time.