Antea Risk Assessments (RA)
Key Features

Risk Assessments

Antea’s Risk Assessment (RA) software allows you to customize an RBI methodology for any type of asset. Create the proper hierarchy of damage mechanisms, set the rules and input the consequence factors to present your customized matrices.

With the Risk Assessment tool users can calculate a risk level for a set of selected items. Features provided, amongst others, are:

  • Create a set of computation rules
  • Customize the risk matrix, with different ranges, colors and risk levels
  • Assign mitigation rules
  • Define frequency rules based on the risk level, in order to create automatically an inspection plan for each item
  • Apply rules to specific set of items

Thanks to a friendly interface, user can define threats and organize them in a hierarchy of threat categories. After having defined input parameters, the software lets you decide rules of calculation of each threat, and of combination of threat categories, in order to find the position in the risk matrix.

When a study is completed, each item will show its risk level near its name.