Value Chain (Scope 3) Carbon Accounting
Manage your Scope 3 emissions.

Analyze and Manage Your Carbon Emissions Across the Entire Value Chain

When you know your company’s carbon footprint, you know how relevant your own and your value chain (scope 3) emissions are, so you can make data-driven decisions and improve where it is needed the most.

Top Benefits of Our Value Chain (Scope 3) Carbon Accounting Services

Simplify your data collection efforts by identifying scope 3 categories relevant to your business.

Get valuable insights into your company’s value chain by quantifying scope 3 with reliable industry-based emissions data from the world’s largest emissions factor database. Calculate impacts, such as for your purchased goods and services, based on the volume you purchase.

Enhance your brand by developing your greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets and having the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) verify them. Calculate a science-based target using SBTi methodologies and define how to reach your carbon reduction goals.

Depending on industry, the value chain emissions can comprise of up to 80% of your company’s overall environmental impact and play an important role in a robust science-based decarbonization strategy toward net zero. Some of the 15 scope 3 categories (e.g., business travel and employee commuting), are easier to quantify than others (e.g., use of sold products, purchased goods and services), and not all 15 categories are relevant for every company.

If the scope 3 emissions are not quantified in the right way based on reliable industry-based data or are not considered at all, it could result in financial risks, high capital costs, reputational damage due to green-washing or even loss of your “license to operate.”

Get your value chain emissions under control with Sphera’s tailored offering for scope 3 carbon accounting. You decide which stage you should reach:


Initial Scope 3 Screening
  • Identification of relevant scope 3 categories.
  • Initial emissions screening along the value chain.
  • Definition of potential hotspots that require more detailed analysis.


Scope 3 Quantification
  • Based on primary industry emissions data from Sphera’s Scope 3 Database.
  • Calculation of scope 3 Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF).
  • Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) portfolio overview.
  • Data collection for energy consumption, number of products per period and site, purchased parts.


Scope 3 Automation
  • Automated generation of Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) or PCFs for the entire product portfolio.
  • Detailed identification of the emissions sources.
  • Mapping of PCFs against climate goals.
  • Dashboard for portfolio analysis and identification of hotspot products.
  • Progress tracking against emission reduction goals, assessing distance to net-zero emissions target.

One-Stop Shopping for All Your Sustainability Needs

Sustainability Data – Up-to-data Industry specific datasets used as a foundation for all calculations.

Corporate Sustainability Software – Simplify and streamline sustainability organizational sustainability reporting and Management

Product Sustainability Software – Understand, optimize, and communicate your product sustainability performance.


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