Sustainability & ESG Strategy Development
Create a strategy for driving value through sustainability.

Develop a Roadmap for Sustainable Success with Our ESG and Sustainability Consulting Experts

Companies with high Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance have shown better resiliency during crises, have lower risks and higher returns. Poor performance can hugely affect a company’s reputation and stock price. As an essential metric for investors and capital markets, a robust Sustainability and ESG strategy is a foundation for sustainable value creation and secures your company access to fresh capital. Sphera’s consulting experts can help your organization define your pathway towards sustainable excellence and greater ESG performance.
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Top Benefits of Sustainability and ESG Strategy Development

Manage Risk

By involving all key stakeholders in the process, you will ensure risks and opportunities are identified early and addressed proactively.

Enhance Your Brand

A clear strategy demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and ESG, improving your overall brand reputation.

Increase Revenue

Identify opportunities for market differentiation, product innovation and development of new business models.

Lowers Costs

Reduce long-term consumer costs and discover new savings opportunities from holistic, systems-based strategic thinking.

Attracts Investment

Avoid poor lending conditions and exclusion from capital markets by showing evidence of having developed robust sustainability and ESG strategies.


Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability software and Product Sustainability software solutions ensure transparency and increase efficiency of each stage of your sustainability and ESG journey.


With more than 30 years’ project experience and deep sector-specific knowledge, Sphera’s Sustainability Consultants advise, guide and support your company all along the ESG & sustainability journey.


Sphera’s industry-based sustainability data provides reliable data-driven insights into your company’s value chain and creates a foundation for fact-based improvement and communication of your ESG performance.

We Help You Create a Customized Sustainability Roadmap and Boost Your ESG Performance

  • Maximize the business value of your sustainability programs by developing a customized and profitable ESG roadmap for your organization to achieve net-zero and circularity goals aligned with 2050 targets.
  • Secure your competitive edge by conducting an initial gap assessment of your performance against best practices in your sector and comparing your sustainability and ESG performance against your peers and competitors.
  • Set priorities by engaging your key stakeholders in developing a sustainability vision and mission statement.
  • Define your action plan by addressing appropriate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), setting ESG performance targets and identifying important ESG KPIs and disclosures.

One-Stop Shopping for All Your Sustainability & ESG Needs

Sustainability Data – Up-to-data Industry specific datasets used as a foundation for all calculations.

Corporate Sustainability Software – Simplify and streamline sustainability organizational sustainability reporting and Management

Product Sustainability Software – Understand, optimize, and communicate your product sustainability performance.


Discover how the implemented sustainability solutions will help shorten time to improve your brand and product


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