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Education to empower the reliability professionals

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Take your RCA and maintenance skills further with our training courses designed to provide the foundation and in-depth review of techniques and analysis using RCA software.

Root Cause Analysis Advance Workshop

Course Description:

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Advance is a 5 days’ Workshop designed for an individual participating in RCA investigation as a Team Leader, Facilitator, RCA Specialist, Sponsor or appointing authority.

RCA is a problem-solving methodology for identifying fundamental causes of reliability failures, EHS incidents, and developing effective solutions that prevent failures/incidents from reoccurrence.

Participants of this training will learn the underlying concepts of RCA Management System which includes: Failure/Incident Reporting, Investigation Process and Analysis, Solution Development, Tracking and Implementation. The workshop provides detail understanding of RCA methodology, problems identification, data collections, interview, causes analysis, and develop effective solutions. The participants will also learn the advanced failure and incident analytical skills to identify all root, contributing and latent causes. Participants will conduct the RCA investigation by using the organization’s RCA software.

Benefits & Outcomes:

The RCA Advance Training is a cost-effective solution to provide practical training similar to On Job Training (OJT) in a real Case Study Investigation.
The benefits are:

  • Learn the advance skills to investigate any problem systematically.
  • Enhance the skills & knowledge of the participants & drives them towards practicality & best practices.
  • Improves the quality and effectiveness of the future investigation.
  • Develop the value of professionalism and commitment to the Investigation.
  • Apply the learning of RCA Methodology, Procedures and Roles and Responsibility in real investigation.
  • Improves the capabilities of organization by enhancing the skills & knowledge of their employees.

Workshop Outline Summary:

  • A. Investigation Process Review
  • B. Investigation Preparation
  • C. Kick-off Meeting
  • D. Developing Problem Statement
  • E. Developing Work Plan for conducting investigation
  • F. Brainstorming sessions for Possible Causes
  • G. Field Practice
    • Data Collection, review, and analysis
    • Creating Timeline
    • Building Fault Tree Analysis
    • Identifying (Physical, Human, and Latent) Root Causes
    • Developing Solutions
  • H. Final Reporting
Who Should Attend?

The Participants will learn effectively how to apply the role of a RCA Member, Leader, and Facilitator as required.

5 days