Sustainability Communication & Reporting

Quantify the Impact that Your Sustainability Program Is Making

The race to environmental performance improvements is highly competitive. Stakeholders want to see that companies are making significant progress. More and more institutional investors are requiring accountability in the environmental performance of the companies they invest in.

Top Benefits of Our Sustainability Communication & Reporting Services

Quantify your performance

We work with your team to quantify your environmental performance, whether it be for products, operations or long-term plans.

Report in a standardized way

Choosing from a set of reporting options, we help you submit reports that qualify to the highest criteria and are executive in a standardized way for the report in question.

Communicate the sustainability of your brand

Do good and talk about it. Once your reports have been published or submitted, we help you to translate their results into competitive advantages.

Secure your license to operate

Reporting is not only about checking a box. It secures your long-term license to operate in a future in which those who fail to take verifiable action on the environment will be pushed out by more sustainable competition.

Improve Brand and Gain New Investments Through Transparent Reporting

Our Sustainability Reporting Services enable you to report on your sustainability activities using widely accepted standards for your industry. We help you to quantify your sustainability impacts so you can report your current status and your future transformation to the outside world. You are in good hands with our experts, who have worked on nearly every type of sustainability reporting in all industries.

Set out Your Approach to Sustainability Communication & Reporting with a Range of Services

Whether through your company’s own initiative or as a result of requests made from governmental bodies, associations or other institutions, we help you deliver the reports that matter most.

A Proven and Efficient Approach to CDP Reporting

Whether you are undertaking your first CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) submission or improving your existing CDP report, Sphera can guide you through the process and help you excel. Our two-phased approach is used by the world’s leading companies to ease the burden of CDP reporting.

Secure a Sustainable Future with Our Sustainability Reporting Services

  • Internal and external reporting
  • Consultancy that adjusts to your specific business objectives
  • Trusted experts who guide you through the process
  • Use reporting as a foundation for directing your sustainability communication

Flexible Approaches to Sustainability Reporting

Whether you are required to submit reports or are choosing your own reporting path, we remain flexible to your needs by providing you with:
  • Industry-specific data to ground your reporting in environmental science
  • Access to software tools that speed the data collection and reporting process
  • Expert consultants who work with you to plan and deliver comprehensive reports as required


Discover how the implemented sustainability solutions will help shorten time to improve your brand and product


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