Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability RAM Analysis

In the Oil and Gas industry, the ability to estimate whether your process availability is able to meet the planned production requirements is key to identifying the optimal route to minimize operational costs. Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) analysis is a well-known method of calculating the production availability of a system by assessing system, subsystem and component failure modes, their rate of occurrence and their effect on output. We offer numerous ways to approach RAM analysis at your company, including products and expertise based on your industry’s needs.

  • Understand the system reliability in the next time interval
  • Monitor equipment condition with historical data
  • Quantify the difference among different policies
  • Calculate failures over a fixed time interval
  • Evaluate the system availability
  • Assess the number of spare parts to be purchased
  • Calculate the cost of maintaining the system
  • Estimate optimal overhaul time

ReliaSoft software enables engineers to perform multiple reliability-related analyses that help to improve the organization’s bottom line.

  • Safety


  • Maintenance

RCM, Sparing Requirements, Optimization, Predictive Maintenance

  • Reliability

Life Estimates, Root Cause Analysis, Reliability Growth, Optimization

  • Operations

Production Analysis, Production Simulation

  • Asset Health Management

Strategy, ISO 55000, Signal Processing and Analysis, Monitoring, KPIs

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