Right Maintenance on the Right Asset at the Right Time

Workflow Process Optimization

A facilitated process to review/create an interactive workflow process model designed to capture current client work practices that define all the required actions.

Responses from the Best Practices in Reliability survey report that, on average, companies achieve the following levels of improvement from a focus on enhancing reliability


revenue growth due to improved downtime


productivity improvement resulting from better equipment reliability, reduced labor, and lower spare parts carry costs


reduction in spare parts


reduction in the number of required preventive maintenance (PMs) tasks


reduction in unplanned downtime

The process is designed to be iterative to allow for adjustments to the current organization’s needs and to allow for the identification of future changes to “close the loop” on gaps identified as the organization matures. The required actions include:

  • Work Identification/Verification
  • Work Planning, including reusable job plans, overhauls, spare parts requirements, etc.
  • Work Scheduling
  • Work Execution/Acceptance
  • Work Order Closeout
  • Reliability Review for Lessons Learned and Continuous Improvement

At the end of the exercise, the client will have the following:

  • A Microsoft Visio® based interactive diagram linked to all supporting documentation for each action block
  • All initial supporting documentation for each action block that identifies:
    • Description of the action
    • Who is responsible
    • What the inputs/outputs are for the action
    • Timeliness of the Action
  • Follow-on visits to update the process (Five 2-Day monthly visits)

Case Studies

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