Certified RCA Specialist
RCA specialist who will be authorized to lead all RCA activities across organization
Certified RCA Specialist
RCA specialist who will be authorized to lead all RCA activities across organization

Certified RCA Specialist

The purpose of this program is to certify RCA specialist who will be authorized to lead all RCA activities across organization, administers and supports the RCA effort from a management standpoint, works as a consultant for all company personnel during investigation. The aim of this certification program is to empower the RCA professionals and to drive a culture change that will positively impact reliability and safety performance.

Achieving certification is based on five elements: Selection & Qualification, Training Program, Examination, Project Execution and Presentation. Each element in the certification process earns points called “Certification Points”. 100 Certifications points are needed for certification.

For candidate to be certified he must attend all required training courses, examination, complete the project and score more than 70% in every subject.

Certification Course Description

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Root Cause Analysis Leader

RCA Investigation Team Leader Workshop is 5 days mainly designed for an individual who will participate in an investigation as an investigation team Member and Leader. The participants of this workshop will learn the RCA concepts, methodologies, problems identification, data collections, conduct interview, causes analysis and develop effective solutions. It will help anyone involved in problem solving to understand the fundamental problem solving processes and provide them with a new ways of thinking for effective troubleshooting and problem solving. In addition to the normal RCA activities, the attendance of this workshop will learn how to effectively lead and manage investigation team.

Root Cause Analysis Case Study

The RCA Case study workshop method is 3 days the acknowledged approach for coaching executive individuals who have gained significant knowledge in RCA methodology. The case study discusses the details of the whole incident and provides the required available data that will help participants to start the RCA investigation. Note, the provided incident is true incident happened in one of the manufacturing site of Saudi Arabia; Facilitator will discuss & compare the results of this incident with the participants’ results.

The workshop explains how the effective RCA investigation is conducted (step-by-step RCA investigation process will be explained) as per the international best practice. As part of this workshop, the instructor play a role of facilitator and the participants will be divided into more than one RCA team with leader and members. Teams will start the investigation by identifying the possible causes followed by data collection, timeline, develop scenario, fault tree, identifying root causes & contributing causes, observation, recommendation, and key learning.

Effective Facilitation

Effective Facilitation is 3 days designed for Managers, Leaders, Specialist, Coach and Trainer who can help Team member to become more effective by understanding and implementing several key features of facilitation based on set of core values, assumptions and principles by understanding what to do in particular situation.

Train The Trainer

Train The Trainer is 3 days designed to benefits employees the effective set of skills to train today’s professional and deliver quality training. The objective of this workshop is to prepare a professional trainer who has effective presentation and facilitation skills. Participants will practice delivery through several rounds of short presentations and training sessions. Participants will learn how to use advanced training aides and tools including case studies, role-plays, surveys, self-assessments, and Audio/Visual tools.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills Workshop is 2 days designed to Increase the individual’s knowledge and skill levels of Interpersonal relations and communication. To gain skills using methods, techniques and tools which will improve the delegate’s effectiveness as in these areas. Presentations on key areas, develop methods and techniques which can be directly applied to the individuals own work situation. Improve the individuals understanding of effective communication within the organization and with external departments and contacts.

Leadership / Management

Leadership/ Management Workshop 3 days designed to explores your understanding of leadership and management while explaining aspects and techniques of the process, more in depth knowledge base about styles, systems and practical techniques of effective leadership and management will enhance the role you play within your business.

It also aims to cover practical skills in performance management. This workshop will give you the opportunity to understand the nature and practice of good leadership in such a way as to make you a more effective leader, manager, colleague and team member for the benefit of the business.

Coaching and Team Building

Coaching and Team Building Workshop is 3 days designed to improve leadership skills and allow our participants to be able to lead successful and high performing teams. This workshop are packed full of useful teamwork training exercises, tips and techniques that new and experienced managers will find essential in showing how to lead effectively and will put them on the steady route of becoming successful managers and team leaders.

Negotiating Skills

Negotiation Skills Workshop is 2 days designed to benefits employees the effective set of skills to resolve a point of difference, or the advantage in the outcome of a discussion, produce an agreement upon courses of action, or bargain for individual or collective advantage. Negotiation Skills workshop will equip you the skills to win negotiation and tactics to be more confident and greater control with negotiation process.


The candidates are selected based on the educational qualification, work experience and the skills and knowledge.

A candidate must have a degree* from a reputed college, university, or technical school and must have 5 years of experience in plant operations, maintenance, and support services or. Or, high school diploma with 10 years of experience in plant operations, maintenance, and support services


After completion of each training courses candidate is required to pass a written test consisting of multiple choice questions that measure the understanding or knowledge of the course content. Candidate is required to score 70% to pass the test. 25 of the 100 Certification Points can be earned by completing the examination requirement.


Upon completion of all training courses and passing the examination, candidate required complete a Root Cause Analysis Investigation that demonstrate the ability to apply the learned RCA concepts in a way that will be benefit his organization. Candidate is required to develop a project abstract and get an approval from his organization and a project mentor assigned from REC. At project completion, the candidate shall submit the final written investigation report to REC mentor for review and approval. 25 of the 100 Certification points can be earned by completing the project requirement.


Successfully apply the learned concepts in workplace and present this expertise to committee which serves as the overall technical advisory for certifications programs to address the related activities and may make recommendations for improvement and enhancement. The committee consists of project mentor, REC’s senior consultant, representative from candidate’s reliability department and organization (supervisor/managers).

The candidate shall present his final project presentation to committee to obtain certification. 25 of the 100 Certification points can be earned by completing the project presentation requirement.

Course Mentors

Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi

President & CEO

RCA / Reliability


Reliability Expert Center

Management / Sr. Reliability


RAMsoft Ltd.



Reliability Expert Center

Management / Safety


Selected candidate have to undergo a series of training courses focused on underlying concepts of root cause analysis and management. Training courses will be taught through conducting training on customers prescribed time period if it’s scheduled In-House or candidate may attend our public trainings. 25 of the 100 Certification Points can be earned in training courses.

Training courses are designed on Root Cause Analysis Track which includes potential subjects. Please see the below listed training list.