Root Cause Analysis Assessment
A "gap analysis" approach to help you manage improvement wisely

Identify Gaps, Implement Solution, and Move from Reactive to Proactive.

To eliminate repeated failures and establish a problem-solving culture, we believe that all aspects of the Root cause Analysis system must be assessed and be aligned with its capabilities.

REC offers a full-fledged Root Cause Analysis assessment service aimed at identifying your current RCA program state and develop smart and effective actions to move forward with a clear and concise roadmap for program implementation. The gap assessment provides a “snapshot” of current RCA efforts in mainly three areas: management system, investigation process, and solution implementation which forms a base for program improvements.

The better case in achieving excellence through facilitated RCA approach

Understand your Current Situation

GAP analysis will provide you a real-time understanding of your RCA Process and what needs to be done to achieve the desired results.

Scope out RCA Effectiveness across the organization

Enables you to understand the shortcomings of the RCA system in the management system, RCA process, and solution implementation.

Develop a Roadmap for Program Implementation

This valuable insight enables you to confidently develop a strategic roadmap as the next steps to implement RCA improvement across the organization.

Top Management Commitment

By translating the deficiencies identified by gap analysis into business terms, you can ensure the leadership will make well-informed decisions to avoid risk and reduce cost.

The assessment looks at mainly three areas: management system, investigation process, and implementation of recommendations. To assess the gaps, a series of interviews with organization personnel will be conducted, this helps the assessment team understand how the incidents are reported, hot it is initiated to RCA, how it is investigated, and how the recommendations are implemented. This information will be then used to develop high-level findings, observations, and to formulate recommendations to improve the RCA effectiveness in through-out the organization.

Implementation of Recommendations

The road towards excellence begins with implementing the improvement initiatives outlined in the final report. These initiatives need to be carefully planned and coordinated to work within the constraints of your organizational resources. Implementation success is supported by change, to both work practices and behaviors. These changes need to be managed carefully if your investments are to deliver the desired results.

REC has vast experience in assisting our customers & clients in the successful implementation of a broad range of improvement programs.

  • Developing a work plan Developing a detailed plan of implementing the recommendations through and administer its execution.
  • Monitoring Report A frequent monitoring report is generated to highlight accomplishments and areas needing improvement when the implementation is completed so that your organization can maintain complete control over future changes.
  • Statistical Analysis Our consultants will do the study on the implemented recommendation and compare it with gaps found during the process of the assessment.


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