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Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi



Reliability Expert Center (REC) aim is to support the development of Saudi Arabia by providing advanced reliability and sustainability solutions to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Railways, Aerospace, Metal, Mining, Automobile, and Pharma industries.
We are proud to be the only Saudi company specialized in this field.

Business Partners

With our partners, we have been a driving force for implementing advanced reliability and sustainability solutions based on machine learning and artificial intellengence.

Reliability and Asset Performance Management

ReliaSoft, an HBM Prenscia brand, promotes best practice reliability engineering methodologies through software, training, and services designed exclusively for the reliability engineering community.

Asset Integrity Management Solution

Our industry-leading asset integrity management platform has been field-proven for over 30 years. We have continuously evolved and expanded our offering to be the most comprehensive solution available.

Industry Leaders

Our experienced consultants with demonstrated experience and unmatchable skills will successfully carry out your specific project objectives. Our team-based approach is the most effective and economical solution for your organization.